Are your creatures made with real fur? 

No, my creatures are made with faux fur (which made with various polymers/plastics), cotton fabrics, polyester cuddle fabrics, and acrylic felt.

Where did you learn to make creatures?
Making creatures has been something I’ve been doing since I was five. I used to sculpt (I use the term loosely) whole families of creatures in modeling clay. When I got older I started sewing creatures and putting pipe cleaners inside to make them bendy. My creatures come from thousands upon thousands of hours of trial and error learning.

Can you teach me how to make creatures?
There are a LOT of tutorials out there for making poseable art dolls, and almost as many different methods. I suggest you look around online and see what catches your eye. Regardless, there is going to be hours and hours and hours of practice and trial and error involved, so make sure you’re prepared for that!

Where do you get your materials?
I use silicone and resin from a couple of different companies, but Smooth On is a great place to start. My fabrics, including the faux fur, comes from over a dozen different stores, both online and local, so unfortunately I can’t give you a specific answer.

How delicate are your creatures?
They are actually extremely durable! I use high quality paints, sealants, and faux fur to make sure they can stand up to a lot of use (and petting), and their skeletons are made with plastic ball and socket joints, so there is never any worry about them wearing out or breaking. If for some reason you do have a problem with your creature after normal use, contact me and I can see about repairs.

Can I commission you to make me a customized or new creature?
Absolutely! I love making new creatures or doing unique color pallets on creatures I already have sculpts for. See my commissions page for further details.

I have allergies. Will your creatures affect them?
My creatures are made in a smoke-free and animal free home.  If you have a specific allergy question, feel free to contact me.



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